Art Crimes: New Zealand 6

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2005 the artists. Please email corrections to and mention New Zealand 6.

Photos thanks to Askew in Auckland:
askew_tiltbridgex.jpg Tilt (France) 2004 askew_vokabgreenx.jpg Vokab

askew_vokabridgex.jpg Vokab askew_vokabtheosilvasx.jpg Theos, Vokab 2004

askew_vokabtilt1x.jpg Vokab, Tilt askew_waiheke2005x.jpg Waiheke

askewdeus3rdworldx.jpg Askew, Deus 2004 askewdeuswsx.jpg Askew, Deus 2005

askewnewyearx.jpg Askew 2004 phatmistaskewx.jpg Phat, Mist (France), Askew 2004


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