Art Crimes: Paris 24

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From Soaf.SW Crew

The wall was painted in Ivry (Paris south suburb) in October 2005. The central theme was "Kamikaze".
top row (from left to right): Peep, Peaz, Sich, 6pack, Quatre, Omse, Weng
middle row: Wedz, Fan, Audio, Stack, Amer, Haribo, Native, Lezar, Monté, 2pee
bottom row: Yoda, Mask, Stack, Tibet, Kyst, Lok, Yearz, Spot, Tom, Wago, Ficksa, Soaf
the crews: SWC, IMF, OMT, STS, ACK, YKS, C29, DC, LUS, TSP, 7HO, OBKOS
Here is a bigger version (712k) thanks to Stack.


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