Pear (RIP)

All artwork is © copyright 2009 the artists. Photos thanks to an anonymous contributor, from Santa Cruz, CA, USA. Pear.ATK.TITS (Aric Southard) died tragically in 2006 at the age of 35.

17491637_lx.jpg 17491662_lx.jpg pearmar2x.jpg pear_postit1x.jpg pear_postit2x.jpg 06_041x.jpg pearfirex.jpg 06_099x.jpg 06_116x.jpg peartankx.jpg 17629633_lx.jpg pearspotsx.jpg pear_santacruzx.jpg pearjapx.jpg pearwowx.jpg 1243364465_lx.jpg 1243361660_lx.jpg 12432005_lx.jpg 1290664745_lx.jpg peartribute_by_3bdx.jpg Memorial piece by 3bd


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