Art Crimes: Philadelphia 22

Artwork is © copyright 2004 the artists. Please send captions to and mention Philly 22. Photos by Susan Farrell except as marked.

B-Boy BBQ 2004

bbbbq200412x.jpg Jesc bbbbq2004aax.jpg Enem bbbbq200413x.jpg Part

The rest on this page were not done in 2004 for the BBQ. I saw them in the surrounding neighborhoods downtown.
bbbbq200404x.jpg Sew, Base, Pose2 bbbbq200405x.jpg Pastor, Bird

bird_philly04x.jpg (photo by Chez) bird_philly04bx.jpg (photo by Chez)

bbbbq2004hhx.jpg Snipe, Noxer, Omega, Apes, Aker

bbbbq2004hx.jpg Bird, Lotus, Past bbbbq2004ix.jpg Bird bbbbq200415x.jpg Peka, Sec

bbbbq200403x.jpg bbbbq2004gx.jpg bbbbq2004fx.jpg philly2004intlax.jpg philly2004intlbx.jpg philly2004intlcx.jpg
Pose2 (USA), Juice (Holland), Hera (Germany), Base (Philly), Prisco (PR), Nom (USA), Zenith (Belgium), Cern (USA), Aware (?), Yours (Germany)


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