Art Crimes: The Philippines, 4

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in Manila, from SBA and Flip-1:

Fish, Dope, Flip-1, Cras, PHBKLIK, Fred, Sway-1, Rook, Grim - in Bulacan 2009

Nuno, Chi, Ripe-1, Benz, Grav

Kaz, Grim, Diwa, Meow, Demo, Rank, Flip-1

Rest, Verge (UK), Jone (Guam), Doom

Meger, Mes 3 (Canada), Ungga, Rook, Bonz, Meow

Rest, Egg, Tenfold (USA), Ripe-1, Meger, Benz, Grav

Kid Dragon, Okto, Graver

Bonz, Tenfold, Meger

Graver Deformed Industry

Meger, Cras-1, Bonz Nuno, Chi


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