Art Crimes: Point 3 Crew

Artwork and photos are © copyright 2010 the artists. Photos from Point 3 Crew in Bratislava, Slovakia. Please send corrections to and mention Point 3 Crew 1.

Seph, Ewil, Primal

Primal, Ewil

Kora, Seph, Ewil

Primal, Ewil, Duon

Seph, Ewil, Primal @ Allschool Hip Hop in Zvolen

Seph, Primal, Ewil

Ewil33, Zase, Duon

Seph, Ewil, Primal @ Cityartfest In Nitra

Ewil, Seph, Primal

Chemis (CZ), Point3 (SK), CFNTX (PL), Grybs (SK), 34crew (CZ) @ United Colours Jam in Havirov

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