Art Crimes: Poland 10

Artwork is © 2009 the artists. Please send correct captions to and mention Poland 10.

In Bydgoszcz, photos from Pener. These murals were done in association with "Stumilowy Las" over a 3-year period. Look for it in 2010 in a book called "City 2 City".
see it biggest

see it biggest
(11-storey mural) 9 guys, 350 cans, 7 days of work, July 2009 - by Pain, Tone, Boier, Kome, Chylo, Proembrion, Sainer, Bezt, Pener

In Nowy Sacz:
Plik Plik Plik, Dziad

Plik Plik

Plik, Mors Plik, Mors

Dsaw, in Lodz


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