This interview was conducted in 1998 by Brett Webb. All text © copyright 1998 Art Crimes and Posh, all images © 1998 Posh and the other artists, as marked.

Melrose, Hollywood 1998




Belmont Yard, Los Angeles 1997


Skate1 RIP piece, Melrose


Bleek CBS, Rob1 CBS FlyID and Posh in the Bronx 1997


How long have you been writing?

9 years.

How'd you get started?

I started when I was shacked up in Santa Barbara.

A friend of mine had Spraycan Art and Subway Art on his bookshelf. I took a peek, liked what I saw, and he broke down writing to me. I didn't know anything about it at the time, except what I saw on the walls in LA. He wrote "Cisco".

He gave me the basics...but that was about it.

The first "real" writers I met from LA were Clae BC Crew and Kex also BC Crew. Clae got up and always got the best spots in Santa Barbara. Kex taught me how to make a "stencil tip" long before I ever could use one. I just started using them about a year ago for some detailing.

Who brought you up?

Ares pushed me to bomb. He moved up to SB and lived with me for a while. He was a good partner.

Skate1 was really the one who schooled me though. Most of what I believe about graf and how it should be done..I learned from him. He always had time to school the kids and realized this was the only way to pass on what we know to the next generation.

Drew schooled me on the piecing side of things. He pushed me to do 3Ds, Inner-outlines, background, and concepts. He and Mek really pushed not only me, but all of LA to do harder pieces.

Axis has pushed me a lot to do better backgrounds and characters.

What crews do you represent and what do they mean to you?

I'm in CBS, BTP, and LORDS crews.

CBS was the first really big crew I got into. At the time ('91) there weren't too many other crews in LA that a kid would want to be from. AWR and UTI are the others I can think of. It was a serious honor.

BTP was a bombing crew that me, Chalk (now writes Jones-FlyID Crew) and Ache put together in Santa Barbara. We were all the best (and only) writers, so it was natural to form up. You had to do throw-ups and illegal pieces to get in.

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