Art Crimes: Puerto Rico 1

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Photos thanks to Mase MD SSR COA):

bret_4x.jpg Bret does-12002x.jpg Does does_dewxx.jpg Does, Dewx esco_12x.jpg Esco esco_mase_bret_reatx.jpg Esco, Mase, Bret, Reat esco_smoke_1x.jpg Esco, Smoke joke_4x.jpg Joke mase_1x.jpg Mase nes_2x.jpg Nes nes_3x.jpg Nes reat1x.jpg Reat spear1x.jpg Spear spear2002x.jpg Spear spear_does_jokex.jpg Does, Joke, and Spear

Photos thanks to Zori4:
Pun, Dec, Bex, Ekc4, Cope 2, Prisco, Zori, all characters by Ekc4, background by Prisco.

zorifx.jpg Zori4


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