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All artwork is © copyright 2004 Project SF, USA. The SF crew is: Synk, Never, Emen, Illside Ink and Nick Z* from Boston; Shapes, Stephen Holding and S51 from NYC; Twice, Foam and Slice from CT; and Very from Japan.

project_sf_twicerx.jpg Twice project_sf_twicer_slicer_2x.jpg Slice, Twice

project_sf_twicer_slicer_3x.jpg Twice, Slice project_sf_twicex.jpg Twice

sf_emenvote_2004x.jpg Emen and Vote by Synk sf_stylesummit_04x.jpg SF at Style Summit 2004

shapex.jpg Shape synk_5pts_6.04x.jpg Synk

synk_vs_neverx.jpg Synk, Never Synk

vertx.jpg Stephen Holding votebombs_canvas1x.jpg Illside Ink


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