All images on this page are © copyright 2008 the artists. Photos by Rask, from Dublin, Ireland, except as marked. Please send corrections to yo@graffiti.org and mention Rask 1.

See it biggest (420k)
Rask, Tiws, Rmer, Solv, Omin, Kube, Sums, Dris, Ciar, Sugar (unfinished in photo) - 2nd wall, 2007 Bridge Jam in Drogheda

See it biggest (400k)
Dust, Dex, Sums, Rask, "Sugar" by Gone - Cork, Halloween 2007

See it biggest
(left to right) Lyken Love, Kewl, Jor, Gone, Dris, Vera, Sums, Este, Ciar, Rask

Rask, Maser, Sums, Sek, Tiws, Rhize, Totem2 (US), Kem5 (US), Ges (US), Sever (US) - Parkside Jam 2003 (joiner courtesy of hurtyoubad, photos by Rask)

???????? - Belfast


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