All artwork is © copyright 2012 Rekor, from Toulouse, France, and the other artists as marked. Please send corrections to and mention Rekor 1.


"Rock" by Zekw, Rekor, "Metal" by Zoer Velvet - see it biggest

Atsak, Rokser, Rekor, Soer, Cobra, Dashe, Depon, Zeus, Wany, Pariz - see it biggest

Rodes, Koga, Insert Coin, Rekor - see it biggest

Rpes, Rekor, Nest - see it biggest

Tank, Rpes - see it biggest

Tonce, Soer, Jaye, Pencil, Wany, Ekors, Rekor, Zeus, Pariz - see it biggest

Soer, Rekor, Iwok

Bino, Rekor

Melk, Rekor

Iwok, Rekor, Cadillac

Zekw, Rekor, Iwok


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