All artwork and images © copyright 2002 Rézine, France.


The artist from his pseudonym Rézine, works in the urban underworld through the techniques of graffiti and calligraphy, combining them to reach a generic innovation and a personal evolution.

Seeks a free expression... Having his origin in the graffiti movement and Hip-Hop culture, he expresses himself through his signature influenced by calligraphy. This synthesis between two forms of expression, one ancient and noble, the other contemporary and socially repressed, distinguishes the artist in his discovery of new forms and techniques.

- Calligraphy with spray can, thus diverting the ancestral execution with the calam (calligraphic tool).

- The invisible and ephemeral act of the calligraphy in three dimension, with the use of a luminous calam, appearing thanks to photography ( in collaboration with photographer Axel Icard).

- He still explores this discipline by calligraphing with masks, playing on the legibility of the letter, giving it a graphic and abstract dimension.

Rézine creates his own textures in connection to his past creations and photographic landmarks... The city nourishes him and vice versa.

He inspires himself from and uses urban supports; decomposed walls, alive, natural and at the same time complex in their materials and colour associations. A reflection of time passing by, like the human trace he will leave: mark of his existence.

His canvases are a technical research and an exploration of the tool which is spray can (improvisation, scratching, superposition, graphic effects...) and illustrate thus the action of the graffiti writer by recreating sprayed walls... Canvases attacked by his pseudonym repeated to infinity; words and phrases associated in a semi-automatic way. As well as a more conceptual approach on the act itself and the state of mind it implies.

He offers us fragments of urban life, detailed zooms, factories, power stations, architectural deformations, symbolically painted with spray cans on "metal canvases", all reminders of his favourite sites.

As well as a triptych on the theme of video surveillance in cities, showing the oppression he feels while walking through the dark and anxious city streets, emphasizing the feeling of insecurity.

His last series of paintings on canvas and support could be a symbiosis of all his influences. The Kali graffitis on textures are metaphors of graffiti writing. They contain the different stages of his work; sketches, the choice of a site as medium and the atmosphere which emanates from it.

Through his art works and diverse techniques, Rézine re-establishes always the conflicting relationship between time (textures) and the human trace (writing).

colindalepark_02_07_rezorlx.jpg freskcargobanksyrezineorlx.jpg rezinecalligrafftexturespix.jpg rezinecanvasabstracktx.jpg rezinecanvasfigurativx.jpg rezinefreskaerosolx.jpg rezinesketchesx.jpg rezinetoilekalitexturesx.jpg


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