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All artwork © copyright 2013 the artists. Photos from Rome, from California USA. Many photos appear courtesy of Steve Rotman. Please send corrections to and mention Rome from California page 2.

see it biggest

see it biggest
"The Vision Quest" - Rome, Quake, Pastime, Defie, Chez, Weirdo in SF - Steve Rotman photo

see it biggest
"Graffuturism" - Rome, Poesia, Mes.PFE, Natrl, Chez, Nefue - in SF - Steve Rotman photo

Rome "Fire Squad" - East Bay - Rotman photo

"RSN" (rest in peace "RSEN - Graff Life") East Bay - Rome, Chez, Pastime, Tyboe, Apex, King157, Begr, Ryno, Natrl - Steve Rotman photo

Rome "Super Burners" with Satyr - in SF


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