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All artwork and images © copyright 2005 Rough, UK

rough1mor_londonx.jpg with Mor

in Strasbourg 2005:
Fioul, Cash2, Wise, 2flag, Hotoh, Rough, Kors, Tron, Maze, Weng

rough_ogrex.jpg with Ogre hotoh.rough_strasbourg_2x.jpg with Hotoh rough_strasbourg32005x.jpg rough_ogre_strasbourgx.jpg with Ogre rough_hotoh_strasbourgx.jpg with Hotoh

in London:
rough_nvisible_manx.jpg doorway_to_1000_mesx.jpg rough_astek_londonx.jpg with Astek

rough_faze_hot_opticx.jpg with Faze, Hot, Optic


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