Art Crimes: Russia 12

All pictures on this page are © copyright 2007 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention Russia 12.

Photos thanks to Stan and Aeropop, 4Ruts, ArtError, and B12 crews and Most of the paintings are in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Cheboxary, and Ekaterinburg.

Andres, Griff, Urky, Stan, Sjam, Stelz, Zme

Lexus, Stelz, Griff, Urky, Andres, Stan, Sjam

Liah, Sjam, Base, Sjam, Mizer, Echo, Stan, Lexus, Dzenik

Malik, Urky, Zloy, Zme, Stelz, Stan, Sjam, Griff, Splash, Crab

Medny, Stan, Tek, Stan, Max

Stan, Sjam, Tek, Lexus

Stan, Sjam, Tek


City Walls

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