Art Crimes: Russia 9

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xriploshax.jpg DM crew

Photos thanks to iMage, K-2 crew, Vladivostok:
k2_07x.jpg K2, in Vladivostok 2003

k2_tomi_02x.jpg iMage and Oliver k2_08x.jpg K2, in Vladivostok 2003

Photos thanks to Konig Sokol:
54674567x.jpg pict0068x.jpg pict0069x.jpg

Photos thanks to Ma3im in Astrakhan:
roof169__rinasx.jpg roof169_vip169__rvb2002_x.jpg roof169x.jpg koi8_rqmart2003worke2cmulux.jpg ma3im_kofemolkax.jpg mart2003_ma3im_warx.jpg


City Walls

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