Art Crimes: South Africa 17

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In Cape Town, photos thanks to TS crew:
Rasty, Curio, Mare, Mzok - 2004 Enemy crew - 2002

Sky 189, Smirk, Solo one, Ice - 2001 Falco, Makone, Mantis - 2001

Wots crew (word on the street) - 2001

"Cape of Styles," Cape Town, South Africa 2005, by Anoy, Bief, Skiet, Drone, Coe, Deus, Toe, Brush, Enos, Faith47, Makone, Keti, Seth, Sacegold, Cent7, Playone, Noks, Dear, Rasty, Dias, Ice, Defeat, Disk, Falko and Decor.


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