Art Crimes: South Africa 35

All artwork is © copyright 2010 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention SA 35.

Photos were taken in Durban, by Bryite1:
south_africa_2009_bryite1_and_dmex.jpg Bryite south_africa_2009_bryite1_02x.jpg Bryite south_africa_2009_bryite1_03x.jpg Bryite

south_africa_2009_bryite1_04x.jpg Bryite south_africa_2009_bryite1_01x.jpg Bryite

south_africa_2009_bryite1x.jpg Bryite south_africa_pace23_01x.jpg Pace23

south_africa_somz1_pace23_tax4_poetx.jpg Somz1, Pace23, Tax4, Poet

south_africa_somz1_pace23x.jpg Somz1, Pace23

south_africa_2009_mym_pace23_jamz_x.jpg Mym, Pace23, Jamz south_africa_2009_pace23x.jpg Pace23


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