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Welcome to the Sacramento graffiti website. We have a slew of tagging, bombing, and piecing flix (mostly freights!). Graffiti is rampant here in Sacramental, so get ready for a graphical journey through our town. Many thanx to Susan @ artcrimes for the server space. This is a graphic intensive site, be patient! Recommended 800x600 resolution & IE 4.x.
news and updates
megatron, rejuvinate!
wear a mask!
Added the end/tbk battle 01 flix. Find em. Tbk won the battle. End lost. Too bad so sad.
Werdup. Hey, we posted new pictures. See if you can find them. We won't be telling you where we post the pictures, it'll just have to be a photo hunt.

Makin the pigs work!

Sac Graf Staff

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