Art Crimes: Santa Cruz 2

All artwork © copyright 2004 the artists. Photos courtesy of Phog. The paintings were done in the 1990s. Please send caption corrections to and mention Santa Cruz 2.

face_santacruzx.jpg ? buck.oldschool_santacruzx.jpg Bukue clown2_tits_santacruzx.jpg Clown clown_oldschool_santacruzx.jpg Clown clown_titssantacruzx.jpg Clown curve2_oldskool_santacruzx.jpg Curve curve_oldschool_santacruzx.jpg Curve cyfer2_ngssantacruzx.jpg Cyfer cyfer_ngssantacruzx.jpg Cyfer devr.old_skool_santacruzx.jpg Devr egos.old_skool_santacruzx.jpg Egos gwedo_titssantacruzx.jpg Gwedo high.old_skool_santacruzx.jpg High


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