Art Crimes: San Diego 10

All artwork is © copyright 2004 the artists. Photos thanks to and Misk One BA (Misk did the intro for Tribal's site too.) These pieces were painted at Tribal HQ in San Diego CA in 2004.

misk_tribal_0906x.jpg Misk zodak_tribal2_0909x.jpg Zodak apex_tribal2004_0908x.jpg Apex tribal2004_bates_5724x.jpg Bates tribal2004_persue_5726x.jpg Persue tribal2004_brisk_5719x.jpg Brisk tribal2004_abel_5717x.jpg Abel tribal2004_zodak_onex.jpg Zodak tribal2004_zodak_char_5723x.jpg Zodak character detail tribal2004_daim_5715x.jpg Daim tribal2004_seak_5705x.jpg Seak hasl_tribal2004_hasl_5709x.jpg Hasl


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