Art Crimes: San Diego 30

Artwork and images © copyright 2007 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention San Diego 29.

From Crol and Werc, Aztlan mural in Chicano Park 2007:

wall prep - Burial 33 (NM), Unek (NM); lettering styles: Vulcan (SF), Dase (SD), Apex (SF), Persue (SD) Vyal (LA), Man One (LA), Sherm (LA), OG Abel (LA), Sye (NYC), Ize (SD); characters and backgrounds: Kofie (LA), Werc (LA), Crol (SD), Pose 2 (Philly), Chor Boogie (SD), Aero (SD), Brian (SD), Pres (SD)

From Mes (NJ):
Enron Quer? Mes Werk Emy Werk

From Sphere:
Sphere, Stane, Duel

Stane, Kool Sphere


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