Art Crimes: San Diego 8

All artwork is © copyright 2004 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention San Diego 8.

From Order:
caterpillarbyorderx.jpg Order info.deacrews_iegox.jpg Info orderbyorder2003sdcax.jpg Order order_gi2003sdcax.jpg Order order_san_diegox.jpg Order skol_rein.g.iaero.oa2003x.jpg Skol, Rein wonderl_byorder_cerosdx.jpg Order the_cheshire_cat_order.sdx.jpg Order stats_2003sdca.jpg Stats (no larger version available)

From Spair :
christ_by_order_san_deigox.jpg Order jesus_by_spair1_anaheimx.jpg Spair prodigal_son_order_sdx.jpg Order nothin_but_art_order_pasox.jpg Order, Paso (Germany)


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