Art Crimes: San Francisco Bay Area 86

Artwork © copyright 2005 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention SF 86.

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Photos courtesy of Refa1. Paintings from 2002.

2002fruitvalesfbr1kx.jpg Refa 2002fruitvalesfbr1lx.jpg Refa

2002fruitvalesfbr1ox.jpg King 157 2002fruitvalesfbr1mx.jpg Zore 2002fruitvalesfbr1nx.jpg Beats 2002fruitvalesfbr1px.jpg Gigster

2002fruitvalesfbr1qx.jpg "Dream" by Dug One 2002fruitvalesfbr1rx.jpg Dream by ?

2002fruitvalesfbr1sx.jpg ?, Awe 2002fruitvalesfbr1tx.jpg "Plan Bee" RIP by ?

2002fruitvalesfbr1ux.jpg ? refa2002oakland04x.jpg Refa


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