Art Crimes: San Francisco Bay Area 94

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King157 Krash, Zore, Skew, King157

Photos from Refa1, in Oakland:
Bum1 Denz Lucha Refa, Lucha

"Dream" R.I.P. by Refa1 at the Legendary Oakland Coliseum Yard 2006 The piece is a memorial for "Mike Dream"TDK... in keepin' his Legacy Alive. This piece is also a cultural marker to commemorate Oakland's wildstyle funk.(freestyle-dome)

Dash R.I.P. by Refa1

I rocked this Burner(Freestyle)...for a lil' homie who was Murdered (2005) by the gang drama in Oakland. His Name was "Dash"DK-crew. This Kid was a young 16 yr old aspiring Writer/Artist Who's life was stolen by the ignorance of the white power mind- control media. That same media which possesses the latino gangs of Oakland through self hatred. I felt that it was necessary to give him a royal burial because his potential was cut one knows what this young man could've been. When we as a community don't take responsibility for our children and each other, we are cutting our futures short. Our potential is to be living free and moving in harmony with the universe. This slave system is working to murder and steal our future,we can not allow that to take place. Stand up for your people, Love them, Respect them and defend our future. Lil' Dash's spirit lives on... Rest in Power young warrior, be one with the Sun.
-Refa TNS ...East Side Oakland


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