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This interview is © copyright 2009 Art Crimes, Shine and Quest. The photos were provided by Shine and Quest, from London, England, UK. Artwork is © copyright 2009 the artists as marked.

scrap wholecar by Shine, Quest, Tcow, and Tase - 2008
Which crews are you down with? Shine - Only one, it was started in 07 between ourselves and Tcow.

Quest - We are now up to 15 writers with representation from London, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Middx and Beds. The crew list is Shine, Quest, Tcow, Skore, Rize, Ante, Sickone, Tase, Wish, Brave, Reakt, Ekto, Drift27, Crave and Hasr.
ac2shinequestx.jpg ac28shinequestx.jpg
Shine and Quest - Essex 2008 | Shine, Quest - London 2008
Which year did you start writing? Shine - I started in 1985.

Quest - I have been involved since 1984 but didn't start painting until '85.
ac3shinequest2medx.jpg See it XL (600k)
Shine and Quest "The Dynamic Duo Wall" - 150 ft x 8 ft, 6 days of hard work - London 2008
Who have been your main painting partners over the years? Shine - To be honest quite a few. In the early '90s we mainly painted with Rize, Tcow, Ser and Rough. In the late '90s mainly Skore. Today's writers, mainly Tcow, our longstanding friend, and the TUS boys.
Shine, Quest, Sick1 - Kent 2008
How would you describe your style? Shine - Wild or semi-wild, sharp to a point with twists and turns, overlaps with fat and thin extensions. Also an added twist of old school and new school flava.

Quest - Letters are my brother's speciality. Personally I think they are bad. LOL.
ac5shinequestx.jpg ac30shinequestx.jpg
Shine Quest - London 2008 | Shine, Quest - Copenhagen, Denmark 2007
What is it about writing that keeps your interest after all this time? What gets you out the door? Shine - I think it helps that there are two of us when we paint. We tend to keep each other motivated. For me personally, the "evolution" - watching so many new styles and techniques is inspiring. Also knowing everybody has the same objective: "getting up".

Quest - It's infectious. Once you're involved there is no going back. It will bring you some of the best years of your life.
ac4shinequestx.jpg ac33shinequestx.jpg
scrap panel by Shine and Quest - London 2008 | scrap panel by Shine, Quest - London 2008
When you're drawing, what level of detail do you like to go to before you go to the wall? Or do you only freestyle these days? Shine - I must be one of the laziest people for sketching these days, only pencil and half finished on occasions. I try not to freestyle too much.
ac7shinequestx.jpg ac31shinequestx.jpg
scrap train by Shine, Quest - 2008 | Shine, Quest - Malmo, Sweden 2007
What kind of paint, colors, supplies and tools are your favorites? Shine - We both mainly use Belton Molotow. My favourite colours are generally reds and oranges. They have the explosive look on the wall.
scrap wholecar by Shine, Quest, Tcow, Antie - 2008 london
Which artists do you most admire and what is it that you appreciate about their work? Who are the artists or writers you learned the most from? Shine - I would have to say pioneers Seen, Dondi, Lee and T-Kid, then Bates, Can2, Mode2, Miste, Ces, Dare, Swet, Kacao77, Hex from LA, and most recently Rime, Revok, Pose2, and crews such as Montana Writers Team, SUK, Pornostars, and SFX from Australia. personally seen was and always has been my biggest inspiration.

Quest - I agree with all of those but with the inclusion of the Chrome Angelz, awesome and inspiring, and The Toys Crew from Denmark.
Shine, Quest, Antie - London 2008
What are some of the best and worst things that writing graffiti has brought into your life? Shine & Quest - The best thing is seeing so many new places. The worst is the pressure you put upon yourself as you strive to be the best you can.
ac13shinequestx.jpg ac23shinequestx.jpg
Shine, Quest, Antie - London 2008 | Shine, Quest, Tcow - London 2008
Who are the new kids to watch for in your town? Shine - I have to be biased - all 3 are TUS writers. Sick One, awesome can control with a multitude of different styles, gifted and natural talent. Antie, multi-talented, who also can produce different letters. A complete workhorse. Ekto, awesome wildstyle technician and background man, again gifted and talented. Three to certainly look out for in the future.

Quest - I agree all have bright futures.
ac14shinequestx.jpg ac19shinequestx.jpg ac27shinequestx.jpg
scrap panels by Shine, Quest - London 2008
What do you think about the "street art" that's going on now? Any of it interesting? Shine - Hate it.

Quest - I agree. Graff originated from letters not stupid logos and stickers.
ac32shinequestx.jpg ac1shinequestx.jpg ac11shinequestx.jpg
Shine, Quest, Drift27 - London 2008 | Shine, Quest, Bwise, Sperm - London 2008 | Shine, Quest - London 2008
What's most annoying about graffiti world today? Shine & Quest - Not just today, but from day one: TOYS.
ac15shinequestx.jpg ac18shinequestx.jpg
Shine, Quest, Tase - London 2008 | Shine, Quest - London 2007
Shout outs? Special shouts to Tcow, Rize, Skore, Sickone, Ante, Tase, Brave, Reakt, Wish, Drift27, Ekto, Crave, Hasr, Yesi, Fugi, Keen, Bwise, Sperm, Probs, Deps, Amuk, Dew2, Steam and Manik. And to anyone I have missed I apologise.
Shine, Quest, Tcow, Wish, Sick - London 2007
Shine, Quest, Antie - Essex 2008
Shine, Quest, Antie - Essex 2009, 1st of the new year

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