All artwork on this page is © copyright 2005 Skam, from London, England, UK. Please send corrections to and mention Skam 1.

skambboy2mec_london19#64547.jpg Ladbroke Grove 1984

Skam (Mad Ethnicz Cru) in Copenhagen Denmark, 1985 (no large version available)

reklessbyskam_chase_j#64540.jpg Skam, Chase, Jerv, 1985 in Ladbroke - West Bourne Park London

Foam2, Cane, Hate, Skam, 1986 in Ladbroke Grove, London (no large version available)

latimerrd_badskam_pri#6453E.jpg "Bad" by Skam (Mad Ethnicz Cru) and Pride (Chrome Angelz) BBC TV documentary, 1987 in Ladbroke Grove, London

Skam 1995, Ladbroke Grove London - first piece since 1988

see the biggest version
Kis 42, Cazbee, Rio (Justice), Chase, Etch, State Of Art, Pulse, Seize, Busk, Nak, Rich, Solo 1. London's first old school reunion, organized by Pulse, September 2004 in London, just outside Ladbroke Grove.

tera2005_luzernfreestylex.jpg "Tera" by Skam, freestyle, first peace in ten years, Luzern Switzerland 2005

pit_mrscam87bx.jpg Mr Skam, HOF, 1987

zoe87freestyleskamx.jpg freestyle, 1987


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