Soem, page 6

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2010 the artists. Photos via Soem, in Boston. MA USA. Please send corrections and larger versions of these connectors to and mention Soem 6.

drugs_connector_soemx.jpg druged_detail_soemx.jpg
"Berst" by Kem5, Jimbo, character by Soem (photo by All Chrome)

Soem, Pats, Kem5, Odesy, character by Odesy (photo by All Chrome)

full_connector_soemx.jpg soem_character_detailx.jpg
Jimbo, character by Soem (setail photo by All Chrome)

lions_connector_soemx.jpg lions_gate_detail_soemx.jpg
Jimbo, Kem5, character by Soem (photo by All Chrome)

the_new_connector_soemx.jpg its_the_new_soemx.jpg
Jimbo, Ges, Kem5, Soem, (photo by All Chrome)

green_gem_soemx.jpg like_the_90s_soemx.jpg chilln_soemx.jpg soem46418_bx.jpg space_travel_soemx.jpg unreleased_soemx.jpg

year_of_the_tiger_soemx.jpg v0yxrpb24uanbn_soemx.jpg (photo by (V)oluntary (∀)mputation)

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