Art Crimes: Spain 23

These images are © copyright 2004 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention Spain 23.

These photos are courtesy of Decima, in Jerez.

decima_naos_psene_des_3730x.jpg Decima, Naos, Psene, Desh

desh_decima_.simples_35078x.jpg Desh, Decima desh_decima_for_presi_3507x.jpg Desh, Decima

desh_jamon_decima_en_37302x.jpg Desh, Jamon, Decima desh_jiro_decima_shag_41c7x.jpg Desh, Jiro, Decima, Shag

desh_sake_decima_en_jerezx.jpg Desh, Sake, Decima jamon_undergraundx.jpg Jamon

lateral_pc_terminaox.jpg Decima? limon_mesh_axel_decim_41c7x.jpg Limon, Mesh, Axel, Decima

manyula_psene_decima_40471x.jpg Manyula, Psene, Decima micro_srt_decimax.jpg Micro, SRT, Decima

Okuda, Palo, Sie, Fafa, PS crew
okuda_etc_char_detail1x.jpg character detail

Download the big version (475k) of this mural. (It is too long to display in some browsers)


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