Art Crimes: Spain 7

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From Tash in Mallorica
tashtashtashx.jpg tsh_gesa_25.01.03x.jpg tsh_marzo03x.jpg

From Tofs de Villeneuve 2BK crew
onzer1x.jpg Onzer shicke_awek_songe_wise_manx.jpg Shicke, Awek, Songe, Wise, Manu skey_gryfe_manu_onzer_persx.jpg
Skey, Gryfe, Manu, Onzer, Persu, Son

Beks and Jaek, Madrid

kohe-ler.madrid_02x.jpg Kohe and Ler, Madrid pose1_le_la_be_zax.jpg Pose1 and Ler


City Walls

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