Art Crimes: St Louis 16

Artwork is © 1997 the artists. Photos by Peter Keusch.

Guerrilla Art Show

The following photographs come from the Guerrilla Art exhibition at St. Louis's premiere contemporary art space, The St. Louis Design Center. The show ran from May 31-June 31, 1997, and featured St. Louis's AGK crew, Bob Hansman, Self-1, and Ethan D'Ercole. AGK members showing were Wae, Act, Expo, Amuse, and Casper. (If anyone has photos of the rest of the show or photos of these pieces, without flashburn, please email me.)

Capelton character,
arms, and BLG24 by WAE/ACT
b-boys by Expo
Amuse by Amuse

arm/hand by WAE/ACT
Wraparound Photo Boogie by WAE/ACT & Amuse

arm/hand by WAE/ACT

Capelton under construction
Capelton character under construction.
Amuse B-Boying on the linoleum.


Amuse by Amuse Boogie by WAE/ACT & Amuse B-Boys by Expo BLG24 by ACT Capelton and Culture by WAE/ACT B-Boy arm and hand by WAE/ACT Hip-Hop arm and hand by WAE/ACT


City Walls

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