Art Crimes: St. Louis 19

Artwork is © 2005 the artists. The paintings were done primarily in 2000 at the Paint Louis event, but some are from 2001 and 2002 as well. Photos are courtesy of Andrew. Send corrections to and mention St Louis 19.

stl00_02p0105x.jpg Scan53 stl00_02p0113x.jpg Atlas stl00_02p0115x.jpg Jigz stl00_02p0116x.jpg Bleek

stl00_02p0123x.jpg Unone, Drone and Obces stl00_02p0121x.jpg Obces

stl00_02p0125x.jpg Mayhem Crew: Clockwise: ?, Jenks, ?, ?, Chip, Mpulse, Mare

stl00_02p0438x.jpg Daze stl00_02p0439x.jpg Rek stl00_02p0440x.jpg ?


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