Art Crimes: Switzerland 3

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2003 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Switzerland 3. Photos are courtesy of Ice of Emity.

01_zurich_87x.jpg ?, in Zurich, 1987 02_basel_90x.jpg Skelt, in Basel, 1990

03_basel_89x.jpg Insane and others, in Basel 1989 04_basel_87x.jpg ?, in Basel, 1987

AVC (Attacking Criminal Vandalizm: Genone (a student of Rammelzee) Trap2 and Bost, in Zurich, 1990

avc1_zurich_90x.jpg details altdorf_total_weitx.jpg
"Temple of Honor" by The Ice Of Emity, Rocket D, Twix, and Breu, in Altdorf, Uri, 2003

altdorf_fotoalbumx.jpg details dest_basel_90.jpg Dest, in Basel, 1990


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