Art Crimes: Sydney 10

All artwork is © copyright 2005 the artists. Photos thanks to MK. Please send caption corrections to and mention Sydney 10.

sydney_whole_chinese_wallx.jpg sydney_dmote_chinese_wallx.jpg Dmote sydney_pudl_chinese_wallx.jpg Pudl

sydney_days_chinese_wallx.jpg Days sydney_snarl_chinese_wallx.jpg Snarl sydney_yoke_indian_wallx.jpg Yoke

sydney_phibs_indian_wallx.jpg Phibs sydney_days_indian_wallx.jpg Days sydney_dmote_indian_wallx.jpg Dmote

sydney_snarl_indian_wallx.jpg Snarl sydney_pudle_indian_wallx.jpg Pudl

Photos thanks to Jenny Hall:
hall_sydney2003bx.jpg ? hall_sydney2003x.jpg ?


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