Art Crimes: Sydney 22

All artwork is © copyright 2008 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Sydney 22.

Photos by Battle Boots:
Caib, Boots, Atome, Spice, Poser

boots2008x.jpg Battle Boots 03june2008x800x.jpg Boots

Photos thanks to Water:
water_mays_lanex.jpg Water water_glebex.jpg Water water_bondix.jpg Water

From Dewzer:
0358x.jpg Dewzer 111111dewzerx.jpg Dewzer 1dewzaramp3x.jpg Dewzer

Dewzer p3280098x.jpg Dewzer sdwdewzaishox.jpg Dewzer

From Veks:
veks_sydney_1x.jpg Veks veks_sydneyyx.jpg Veks

veks_sydneyx.jpg Veks avoid_veks_herl_sydney_ausx.jpg Avoid, Veks, Herl


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