Art Crimes: Taiwan 17

Images and artwork © copyright 2007 the artists. Please send the names of the artists to and mention Taiwan 17.

Photos from Host, in Taipei:
bloodwarzx.jpg Host, Yesca bloodhoztx.jpg Host cuthualien04x.jpg Host

halloweenhostx.jpg Host hostmagikstaksx.jpg Host, Magic, Staks hostr0106x.jpg Host

wholeproddyspzhzt06x.jpg Host, Spooz hostr06x.jpg Host hosttrackside28x.jpg Host

spoozhostsk8jpg04x.jpg Host, Spooz spoozhoztasesr06x.jpg Spooz, Host, Asesr

robin8x.jpg Robin (photo by Robin)

Contributed anonymously:
8vvr_pkgditgakjxdktw#242467.jpg Chek wlkiviaf9z7bopeccyta#242475.jpg Host


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