Aevon TC5 Interview

Photos © 2009 TC5 crew. Interview conducted by Aevon.TC5 and Louis Coupal in August 2009 for the Official TC5 30th anniversary show.

In terms of style, attitude and philosophy, what defines or makes The 5?

To me nothing defines The 5. We have infinite possibilities. This is what makes us different from other crews. We were and ARE ahead of the times.

What is the crew’s hierarchy structure? How has that played an important part in the crew’s longevity over other crews?

The crew was like many other crews. Meaning that we had a president, vice-president, etc. But our hierarchy was different; we had a high council that consisted of the president, 2 or 3 vice presidents, and a council member. Now the high council is no more. Me and Doc run or manage the day to day operations of the crew, with Seen still president. We had to change the structure in order for the crew to survive. Also, when you were MADE a 5, you were family. No other crew can say that. Your real family became our family. It’s like the Mafia, sort of. That heavily contributed to our longevity.

Did all graffiti crews back in the day have a president, vice-president, and so on?

Yes, but not like ours. There were and are checks and balances that we have that no other crews had.

How did you get down with TC5? Were there any initiation rites or official formalities?

I was put by SEEN. Yes, there are initiation rites and official formalities, but they remain secret.

What was the influence of Art & Design High School on The 5 and the world of graffiti?

I think that everybody would agree that it was other way around. TC5 was the bench mark for style and coolness. SEEN was the icon. But A & D was a major force in the late '70’s to mid '80’s to the world of graff. Most of your style masters (trains or black books) came from there.

Who were The Crazy Five?

Blade, Tull, Vamn, Crachee, and Death. They were the original members. Also Comet and Silver Tips.

How did TC5 come to be?

They started in the late '60’s as a band that evolved into a graff crew.

How have TC5 influenced graffiti?

The 5 influenced Graff and the world because of our style and swagger. Our influence is great in Hip Hop and clothing. From Run DMC to Rocawear, all that has some type of 5 influence and or connection to it.

How did you get your name?

I got my name from my first mentor, Dero. I had many other names, but Aevon fit the best.

How would you describe your style?

Old school, simple style. With the heavy influences of Dero, Dez, SEEN, and little of Doc and Keo.

What are your favorite types of paint and colors?

Wet Looks and Krylons. I used to love Martin Silver. I mostly used greens and silvers back in the days, but know I’m starting to like yellows, oranges, and pinks.

What are you doing these days for work?

I work for the State.

How would you describe the evolution and or destruction of graffiti in New York City over the past 30 years?

Once you took the canvas (trains) away, graff took a down turn. But I think through The 5 and other entities we have started a new era of funkiness.

What is your view of the news coverage of graffiti over the years? How has the Internet affected graffiti?

Fuck the press. The press never understood graff. As far as the Internet, I’m mixed. It’s good as a medium to get your art out to other people who normally wouldn’t have seen it.

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