Psycho.TC5 Interview

Photos © 2009 TC5 crew. Interview conducted by Aevon.TC5 and Louis Coupal in August 2009 for the Official TC5 30th anniversary show.


In terms of style, attitude and philosophy, what defines or makes The 5?

Growing up, what attracted me to 5 style from guys like Doze, Seen, Poke, Doc and Web was that their pieces had soul and movement. It had a certain attitude and spirit about a TC5 piece, almost a cockiness to it, as if it was saying, if you were a piece, you'll want to be me.

What is the crew’s hierarchy structure? How has that played an important part in the crew’s longevity over other crews?

When I got down Seen was president, with Doze and Juice being vice. People like Eps and Doc had a very strong influence as well. These guys weren't regular Joes. They were charismatic, charming, arrogant and cocky as hell. Their swag trickled down to the rest of the crew. Once you were 5, you knew you were the shit. It's like getting made in the Mafia.

Did all graffiti crews back in the day have a President, Vice-President, and so on?

Most that I knew of did.

How did you get down with TC5? Were there any initiation rites or official formalities?

I became friends with guys like Eps, Nel, Roz and Kano who introduced me to Juice. Juice and I took a liking to one another and I became like a son of his. Through him I met Seen and Doze. At the time, I had an extraordinary ill reputation that was becoming legendary in the graffiti world. It was obvious I was 5 material and Juice, Doze and Seen put me down together on 163rd Street. I was 15 years old.

What was the influence of Art & Design High School on The 5 and the world of graffiti?

Big. A and D was like a who's who in the world of graf.

Who were The Crazy Five?

Blade and Comet's crew before Comet handed it to Seen.

How did TC5 come to be?

As a rock band in someone's garage in 1969.

How have TC5 influenced graffiti?

You see 5 style in all aspects of pop culture these days.

How did you get your name?

Originally from skateboarding. I was ill going down the steepest and curviest hills in Wash Heights.

How would you describe your style?

Nostalgic. 80's 5 style inspired by my boys, Doze, Seen, Poke and West.

What are your favorite types of paint and colors?

Montana black label.

What are you doing these days for work?

Tattoo Artist.

How would you describe the evolution and or destruction of graffiti in New York City over the past 30 years?

The culture has definitely changed. It's definitely diluted and not as hardcore as the '80s. It's lost so much of its edge. On the good side, it's definitely matured and become sophisticated. One can actually make a living off his art these days.

What is your view of the news coverage of graffiti over the years? How has the Internet affected graffiti?

Good and bad. It's easier to get exposure and make a name for yourself. You have to take pains to protect and control your intellectual property.

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