Art Crimes: Tijuana, Mexico 4

All artwork is © copyright 2002 the artists. Please send correct captions to Mention page TJ 4.

These photos courtesy of MDR crew.

tjmex103-0354_imgx.jpg Cire and Lenox tjmex105-0567_imgx.jpg Lenox tjmex105-0566_imgx.jpg Kure tjmex105-0565_imgx.jpg Lenox tjmex105-0581_imgx.jpg Tupac by ? tjmex105-0568_imgx.jpg Hekl tjmex106-0634_imgx.jpg tjmex106-0640_imgx.jpg Lenox tjmex106-0641_imgx.jpg Surge tjmex106-0669_imgx.jpg tjmex106-0644_imgx.jpg Mars and Kure tjmex106-0667_imgx.jpg Mars, Surge, Kure tjmex107-0779x.jpg Surge and Lenox


City Walls

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