Art Crimes: Trains 62: El Nino, Czech Republic

These images are © copyright 2001 El Nino.ISK.DIAs.77s.DSF. Hamburg train by El Nino (Czech Republic) RAGE (Hamburg), THOW.CBS and KING.CBS (Madrid). The Czech Republic currently has the strictest anti-graffiti laws in the world, and the train police there, as in Germany, are famous for seriously beating down writers when they catch them.

wt-hamburg2001sm.jpg elnino04sm.jpg elnino05sm.jpg elnino06sm.jpg elninokatowice1sm.jpg elninokatowice2sm.jpg elninokatowice3sm.jpg elninolopik1sm.jpg elninolopik2sm.jpg elninolopik3sm.jpg elninolopik4sm.jpg elninolopik6sm.jpg elninolopik7sm.jpg


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