Art Crimes: Trains 74, Mixed

These images are © copyright 2002 The artists. We don't usually mix trains (or put walls on train pages, for that matter), but these are nice pieces that we've held onto for too long. Thanks to the photo contributors.

Stockholm, 2000 "(put) Kristina Olin (behind bars)" (She has done several statements degradading homeless people, she is/was a active politician in the Swedish right party. She is also an "active" graffiti hater.

reclaim_sweden2000wallx.jpg That train was sent to us with this wall by RTCs. "Reclaim", as in "Reclaim The city." Reclaim The City is a street party that has takem place in recent years in Stockholm. A party against state repression against black people, graffers etc.

mecano_sweden1997x.jpg Mecano, Sweden, 1997

berlin1997ghetto1x.jpg Berlin, 1997 "Ghetto Stars"

sydney2.gif Demon, Sydney Australia insa_kts0x.jpg Insa, London tube, 2002

noir_kts01x.jpg Noir, London tube, 2002

elnino003_bratislavax.jpg El Nino, Bratislava Slovakia
elnino007_poland_s-trainx.jpg El Nino, Poland
elninocz001x.jpg El Nino, Czech Republic


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