Art Crimes: United Kingdom 1

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Photos thanks to Mak1. This amazing wall was done in 2002 in England. Artists: KOREY, DANE, STYLO, SOLO1, CHUM101, KEM5, ASTEK, INSA, BLEACH, DARCO (GOR), NEAS, TEMPER, TOTEM2, SHIME, DASH (Australia), BRAVE, DASH (2 CHARACTERS), MAK ONE, BUSK, WISH1 (KOI CARP)

cw1amedx.jpg cw1bmedx.jpg cw1cmedx.jpg cw1dmedx.jpg cw1emedx.jpg cw2amedx.jpg cw2bmedx.jpg cw2cmedx.jpg cw2dmedx.jpg cw2emedx.jpg


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