Art Crimes: United Kingdom 24

All artwork is © copyright 2006 the artists. Please send caption corrections to (mention UK 24).

These vintage photos are from the collection of DJ Catch. They range from about 1985 to 1996 or so. Some years are approximate.

mode_2_ukgrlx.jpg Mode2

mr_scam_1987x.jpg "Mr Scam" by Skam - hall of fame Westbourne Park, London - 1987

non_stop_1987x.jpg "Non Stop Art" by the Non Stop Artists in Westbourne Park, London - 1987 non_stop_art_1987x.jpg NSA character non_stop_face_ukx.jpg NSA character

rekless_ukx.jpg Rekless rick_ukx.jpg Rick

rio_1987x.jpg Rio - Westbourne Park, London, 1987 saga_ukx.jpg Saga

sime_ukx.jpg Sime sime2_ukx.jpg Sime

starz_return_uk_medx.jpg Arty, Catch - Clacton, Essex 1997 surf_1987x.jpg

"Surf" by Skam - Westbourne Park, London, 1987

syme_sime1996e_ukx.jpg Syme - 1996 tuff_times_uk198xx.jpg "Tuff Times" by ?

wahoo_caracter_ukx.jpg Wahoo


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