Art Crimes: United Kingdom 36

All artwork is © copyright 2007 the artists. Please send caption corrections to (mention UK 36).

From Scie in Bristol:
scie_poer_btm_bristol_2006x.jpg Scie, Poer, BTM scie_bristol_2004x.jpg Scie

poer_scie_epok_bristo#2E8DF.jpg Poer, Scie, Epok

From Shine:
shine_ashford_2006x.jpg Shine - in Ashford shineskore2006x.jpg Shine, Skore - in Ashford

sick_shine_ante_cante#2E8D9.jpg Sick, Shine, Ante - in Canterbury

shinesickskorex.jpg Shine, Sick, Skore - in Ashford

shine_41430015x.jpg Shine - in Feltham

sloegrin_013_shine_cr#2E8DB.jpg Shine, Crave - in Chelmsford shine_036x.jpg Shine - in Dagenham

shine_ash_2006x.jpg Shine - in Ashford neo_leatherhead_2006x.jpg Shine


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