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Glazed Magazine

By Will D. Fayse

"We're giving proper light to graffiti and B-boys (pages 142-143, 189, 204-205)"
Jesse Washington, Editor in Chief, Blaze Magazine

This is on page 8. The next page of content is page 37, the table of contents. The rest of those pages are ads for mostly gear and some music. This is from the magazine that dubs itself the 5th element of hip-hop. Are they implying the fashion industry is the 5th element of hip-hop?

Whether you think writing (note, not graffiti) is one of the elements of hip-hop or not, this should show you how most of the hip-hop world treats writing and B-boying, by giving them each a couple pages out of over 200.

The two pages on B-boying are pathetic and dribble. They explain how some guy has figured out how to make money from his dancing. The story is really more about entrepreneurship than about Breaking. I'm all for printing and covering success stories. But don't try to pass this off as some b-boying piece. There isn't a single sentence in there that somehow furthers the study or knowledge of Breaking. The article also employs the, "I only speak in broken English, because I keep it real" philosophy. I am all for using slang by the gallon to embellish and enliven writing, but this stuff is crap!

"Best you know off top, those Goodie MOb niggaz still dancin'ůSee, dancers have been the griots of our villages since way backůSo you betta believe they still getting' off in the ghetto."

One of the pages they say has writing, is no more than a second table of contents that happens to use a small, simple Twist image for a background and a small quote, provided by Ben Higa. I will give the mag props for the way they displayed the one piece they show in the mag-by giving it a full two page spread. At least they are presenting the artwork better than 99% of the graf mags out there.

Either way, hip-hop now has a fashion mag that rivals Elle, Cosmo and all those other trend setters. There are more ads than you can spray a fat cap tag on and few articles that are anything but pure promotion. I hope this mag fails, taking Vibe down with it.