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Has the web destroyed the graf mag industry?

By Will D. Fayse

Since the popularity of the web has increased over the last couple of years, it seems we've seen a decline in the quality of print mags coming out lately. It used to be you could go over to the rack at Tower and find four or five mags that were bringing some sort of respectable coverage to the bigger, more popular scenes and writers. It was always easy to see flix coming from the big areas (New York, LA, Philly, SF). Now you go up the racks and see tons of European mags and some other mags representing areas no one ever knew had a "scene". None of these mags can tell you what's happening in the streets, cause they're filled with wack productions that are just bites off of what was in the mags 4-5 years ago.

All I'm seeing from the bulk of web sites is the same shit as the mags…50 wack flix of someone's first pieces. Actually, they are usually 50 pages from someone's blackbook. If they show bombing, it's some garbage can behind their grandma's house with their tag on it, or worse, some drippy black and white throwup. I really like it when some artsy kid can bite FX or Twist and is proud of it. (Okay, so we all bit our shit, I'm a little jealous that I didn't have the skills to imitate a nice character or piece for years).

I'm all for documenting your scene. I'm all for promoting yourself through your media. Have something to say and know what you're saying before you start putting up all (50) of the pieces you've ever done at the local drainage ditch.