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Back to Mecca

September 4-6, 1998 the New York City Breakers hosted the Back to Mecca Hip-hop conference in the Bronx. The venue was a classic skate rink, The Key, just off the 6 line in the South Bronx.

Along with b-boy circles, dope mcing and and djing there was a writers panel hosted by none other than Phase 2, Flint 707, Coco 144 and Bom 5. Much knowledge was kicked in the short time allowed for the slide show, which included much of Phase's Style book.

Some of the west coast originals were on hand to tell their side of the story, including Bugaloo Sam from Fresno, California, the home of popping.

There will be more text and flix as time goes on, but for now enjoy the first installment of the b-boy flix...