When you ask the question, "Where is God?" all sorts of opinions and answers start coming from, in most cases, the most ignorant of religious leaders.

They begin pointing to the sky, pointing to the church, pointing to the bible, in some cases pointing to themselves and not you.

Sure, because you are born a sinner. You must spend your entire life looking for a God that has judgement in one hand and love in another. And if you don't serve him correctly, you can look forward to going to hell for eternity. Wake up, this is the ul timate form of CSDS.

When you can be conditioned to believe that there are some people who are closer to God than other people and that the church is the most sacred place for God, ultimately you've been tricked into giving up your soul to be down with a specific click of hypocrites. Let us do away with all the lies and confusing terminologies and get right down to business.

Number one, the creator of the universe is alive and conscious and manifests itself in all that has life.

Number two, all manuscripts, books, scrolls, and letters are all dead, including the Bible. These things do not have life nor can they be given life.

Number three, God does not live in the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita or Tora. God lives within the hearts and minds of every living creature.

Number four, God is life. God is Love.

If you wish to respect God, respect life, all life. If you wish to love God, love life. Protect and uplift life through your service to humanity. No religion is greater than the creator of the universe that lives within you. No religion is perfect. And most religions are hand in hand with governments and money lenders. Not even to say that this is wrong but they say this is wrong then they take part in what they even say is wrong.

It's very funny to look at a religion like Christianity and see the religious leaders of the Christian faith, so involved in politics while Jesus, their savior, was killed by politicians. Christians fail to realize that Jesus was a revolutionary that hung out with criminals and diseased people, trying to educate them on a better way of life. He spoke out against government and was killed, simple.

Remember, the truth is always short and to the point. Truth can come out of anyone's mouth, at anytime and always sounds the same. It's the lies that always come thick and with alot of explanation.

Jesus, the revolutionary, gave only two laws in his lifetime. Love your brother as you love yourself and love the creator as you love yourself. Yet these are the hardest laws for people to observe.

The Bible is dead. God is alive. When you wish to find God, put down the Bible and go in a quiet room, by yourself and meditate on self. No written document is closer to you than the creator that lives within you. When you find the God that lives w ithin you, you'll begin to see God within all living creatures.

The barbaric religious leaders would rather you believe in everyone and everything else before actually believing in yourself. So you burn candles, (don't forget, get a receipt), pray out loud and confess your sins to a self appointed God representati ve. This is all backwards! Remember, prayer is a silent thing because the creator of the universe is silent. God listens to your thoughts and emotions not your physical actions.

Boring outdated church sermons are forcing people farther and farther away from God.

The Bible is a good novel and, in some cases, a good newspaper. That's it though. Adding power to the Bible mentally, and spiritually, however, is not how you find God. God isn't even God's name.

The creator of the universe manifests itself in all cultures, names, symbols, prophets, masters and messiahs. The idea of any one religion being the greatest religion and the only true way to God is nothing more than a bullshit and wasteful concept pu t forth by people that know nothing of God.

The system must be modified. We must be in touch with the universe and our own growth because we are a product of the universe. Only the barbarians wish to keep people asleep for the sake of money and power and world dominion, thus the religious syst em.