The human being is the most mightiest of all creatures in the universe. This is not to be taken egotistically as most ignorant persons do and justify the senseless killing of life, because everything you're killing is part of your environment which is a part of you. When you kill, you kill a part of yourself.

What is not taught in the education in America is that your environment is the outer expression of your inner thought. If you wish to change your environment, change how you think. Political scientist cannot escape the fact that the Human being is a product of the universe and what benefits the universe benefits the Human and what destroys the universe destroys the Human. The universe, in reality and scientifically, is the only thing alive and existing. We are here so that the universe might know itself.

Wisdom can only be achieved when the Human walks from imperfection to perfection. Anything that is perfect is ignorant, it doesn't know itself. Mistakes are perfect, like spilling water or a shot to the head. These things are perfect. You cannot improve or take away from perfection. By themselves, these things are perfect. By themselves, these things are ignorant. Humans are the imperfect part of the universe. When the Human being comes to consciousness and realizes its true state of existence, the Human has gained wisdom and the universe moves one more step towards knowing itself. This is the first step in a successful revolution, "Knowing yourself, finding yourself, HEALing yourself."

To HEAL yourself you must know yourself. Many of us have no clue as to how to use our minds to control and better our lives and the lives of others.

Within everyone's head there is a muscle called the brain. This is the jewel of the universe, consciousness is the jewelry store. In the brain there is a section called the cerebral cortex where matter is converted into ideas. This is the realm of intuition and analysis. This is the part of the brain that gives us the ability to read, write, and do math. Even music is created here. The cerebral cortex houses our ideas! Civilization and the concept of Humanity is here in the cerebral cortex. Within the cerebral cortex are neuron cells. They store information. Everything we know is stored in our neuron cells. In each and every brain there are about a hundred billion neurons. And each neuron cell represents one bit of information. This is how we string along bits of information to create or destroy. There are about a hundred trillion neuron connections in every head.

There is no reason for anybody to not be living the life they want to live. Everyone is living the life someone made for them, whether they're conscious of it or not. We are all reading a script but only some of us are writing it! Who wrote your script? Who's controlling your life? The saddest thing is that the script written by the current religious, political and educational systems is riddled with sex, violence, and lies.

Humans are the most powerful living creatures on earth because we can information into ourselves for either advancement or self-destruction. Unfortunately this makes us imperfect, unlike the dog, cat, bird, or fish which is perfect. We are intelligent, they are ignorant. We can destroy ourselves, animals cannot destroy themselves. We can improve on ourselves, animals cannot improve on themselves. But in order for the Human being to advance it needs information about itself and its environment.

In addition to that the Human being needs to be in touch with the teachings of their ancestors. If they miss out on these valuable lessons they will repeat the same mistakes. It is extremely important for the Human being to know itself because without knowledge of self the Human being is, in essence, a beast.

When a particular People do not have their culture in place but instead, take on another, the result is self-destruction and insanity. Keep in mind that whatever is stored in the neuron cells for a period of time, eventually becomes a part of your genealogical make-up.

If you have been beaten, robbed, and murdered for hundreds of years, eventually your children will be thieves and murderers. In addition to that, they'll become immune to the guilt and shame of murder and violence. This is why the military in the United States loves Black People so much. Being beaten and murdered for so long has turned us in excellent killers. But if these genealogically trained killers are unorganized they will turn on themselves. If these killers are uneducated they will turn on themselves. If these killers are confined to a specific area with no hope of moving or advancing, they will turn on themselves. Either the educational system is ignorant to this or they intentionally want to see us die! It's one way or the other.

We are all made up of what ever our parents are. The solution here is to write down on your neuron cells new information like: Love, Intellect, and Culture. Your thoughts are as real as the baby you carry (men included). Say to yourself, as you walk down the street, "I am the universe and the universe is me, my very existence is an advancement for my environment. I am light!" And eventually you feel it, then become it, and your life will change for the better. Not just for you, but for the People around you also. The solution lies in correct education which leads to correct thinking.

The HEAL solution is to write a revolutionary script for yourself and remember, "Before you are a race, a religion, or an occupation you are a Human being!"